You'll Learn:

How to find legit home-based jobs you can do and how to get hired fast. Make money working online even during lockdowns. Anyone, anywhere, can work online for companies around the world.

  • Where to find legit home-based jobs and how to get hired fast. Ideas what type of online jobs you can do.

  • How to apply to online jobs in the right way to get hired fast. Discover what employers want to see in your application letter and bio.

  • Do's and Dont's and common mistakes to avoid when working online.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    All About Working Online

    • Intro: How to Make Money Working Online

    • Resources: Where to Find Legit Home-Based Jobs

    • Types of Online Jobs & What You Need to Get Started

    • How Much Can You Earn Working Online

    • Costs & Fees Involved in Working Online

    • How to Get Work if You Don't Have Money to Bid on Projects

    • How Fast Can You Get Started?

    • What's Better? Hourly Pay or a Fixed Price Project?

    • How to Ensure You DO Get Paid by the Client

    • What Happens If You Do a BAD Job...

    • What If You Got an Unfair Bad Review?

  • 2

    How to Get Hired Fast

    • Why Some People Never Get Hired & Some Get Hired Really Fast

    • How to Quickly Land Your First Job

    • How to Make Money Within a Week

    • How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

    • The Interview: How to Deal with Clients to Get Hired

  • 3

    How to Write a Great Bio

    • How to Write a Great Bio That Gets You Hired

    • How to Get Great Credentials for Your Bio

    • How to Take a Nice Profile Picture

  • 4

    How to Write a Great Job Application

    • How to Write a Great Bid to Get Hired

  • 5

    Mistakes to Avoid

    • Mistakes to Avoid in Your Bio

    • Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to Jobs

    • Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Clients

    • Mistakes to Avoid When Working on a Job

  • 6

    Ideas for Jobs You Can Do

    • How to Find Online Jobs You Can Do

    • 10 Easy Jobs Anyone Can Do

    • 10 Online Jobs with Great Pay

    • All About Forum Moderator Jobs

    • All About Data Entry Jobs

    • Data Mining/Extraction/Scraping Jobs

    • Virtual Assistant Jobs

    • All About Writing & Blogging Jobs

    • Content Writing Jobs

    • Proofreading Jobs

    • Online Tutor

    • Translation Jobs

    • Transcription Jobs

    • Get Paid to Search Google

    • Consulting Jobs

  • 7

    How to Make a Lot More Money (while Others Do the Work)

    • How People Started Million-Dollar Companies on Upwork

  • 8

    Easy, Proven Ways to Make Money Online

    • 3 Proven Ways to Make Money Online (including a Passive Income)

    • How to Make Money by Helping People Find a Job

    • How to Get PAID $40 for EVERY Employer Who Posts a Job Ad!


Camille Kleinman is an experienced online instructor, online marketer, Co-Founder of CG Elves and Founder of Yoopidoo Academy.

She has experience both working online for clients and hiring employees online for her own businesses.

Even though she's a high school dropout, at age 16, she was paid $1,000/week to copy-paste recipes for a client, research online the health benefits of spices, and post links on Wikipedia.

Camille has been teaching for years.

At age 13, she created the first in-depth training in the world on how to develop Facebook gifting apps, create business pages, sell on the Facebook marketplace, and how to integrate fan pages via API with the top shopping cart systems in order to sell on Facebook.

That year she also wrote articles published in all the major online publications including Associated Content (a Yahoo! News content partner), eHow, Wikihow, eZine Articles, ArticlesBase and many more.

When she was 18, she co-founded CG Elves and created the first & highly acclaimed online training program for a revolutionary software used to design 3D virtual fashion clothing.

Over 30,000 artists have learned how to design 3D clothing with her training.

CG Elves' corporate clients include some of the biggest film and game studios such as EA, Oculus, Crystal Dynamics, Kite & Lightning, a Warner Bros game studio, Rocksteady, Hi-Rez studios, Squeeze animation studios, Merlin Entertainment, Airship Images, and more.

CG Elves' partners include leading CG companies like SecondLife, CG Trader, and 3D World magazine.